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The success or failure of a website can normally be due to one thing - if your website is not getting seen, it is not going to produce any new sales. The number one way for driving traffic into your website is to achieve good results on search engines. If your website has good ratings on search engines it is almost guaranteed that your website and business will be a success.

Entia Media provide three website promotion packages designed to drive traffic to your website without spending thousands of pounds on advertising which is simply less effective.

To order any of our promotion packages please contact us. We will firstly provide a free review of your website and recommend the most suitable package. We may also suggest some modifications to your website which would make a big difference in providing search engine success.

Package One - Starter
Monthly search engine submission to 700-800 search engines and 100000 free link pages. Monthly submissions help keep your website at the top of search engine list results. Most search engines will list newly submitted website's at the top of the list, therefore if your website is submitted monthly it will stay at the top of the list. Regular submission to free link pages also help with your positioning due to link popularity. If a search engine continually sees a link to your website on many other website's it will boost the positioning of your website. A regular submission to link pages is required because links are added and removed in rotation.
Monthly fee - £25 + VAT.

Packages Two - Business
Monthly review and full search engine submission to 700-800 search engines and 100000 free link pages. You get all the benefits of the above plus a monthly review of the positioning of your website by ourselves. We will suggest optimisation changes to your site each month to allow for changes to search engine positioning strategies. Search engines will often update their software which means the site will have to behave differently to achieve good rankings. We can also ensure that your site stays ahead of your competition, if you let us know the URL of your nearest competitors website we can ensure that your website is always displayed above theirs.
Monthly fee - £50 + VAT

Package Three - Corporate
Monthly review and monthly full search engine submission to 700-800 search engines and 100000 free link pages. This package provides all the benefits of package two. In addition to the normal optimisation techniques we will also use a large proportion of the monthly fee on Pay Per Click schemes. Pay Per Click schemes will guarantee more traffic because you actually pay for the traffic you get. Entia Media will select the best schemes and keywords to use, allowing you to get the most effective hits for the budget.
Monthly fee - £100 + VAT.